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Personal Statement, CV & Cover Letter Support

We advise on and provide personalised & thorough feedback on several documents; we offer this on a group or one-to-one basis. Our network of university students and graduates from a range of academic profiles and careers grants us a broader knowledge and experience base. In this way, we are able to cover many disciplines which young people may wish to pursue. As well as this, we provide written resources including writing guidelines & model examples for students to freely use.

Safe Spaces for Young People to Network, Interact and Ask Questions

Part of our mission is to ensure that young Black and mixed race students have access to the knowledge and guidance they need to make important life choices. To achieve this, we produce & provide content online and offline which aims to increase awareness and confidence in making decisions in several areas of life, including applying for university courses, managing finances, understanding a variety of careers and much more.

Check out the conference highlights from our most recent event Bridging the Gap 2020 here

Promotion of New Opportunities and Application Advice

We make students in our network aware of upcoming opportunities which might be of interest to them through our exclusive email newsletter, which Black & mixed race students can easily be added to upon request. More importantly, we empower them to be able to confidently apply for these opportunities - where possible, we connect them with physical and human resources which work to improve the quality and strength of their application for the most competitive processes.

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